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RNCSo, on account of that one time I had to donate $45 to the Mitt Romney campaign as a result of losing a bet, I now get very earnest letters and mail packets from the GOP, despite the fact that (a) they never cashed that check and (b) it came with a scathing letter explaining how I would never have sent the Romney campaign a dime except I believed in honoring my bets.

I received a “State of the Nation” survey last week. If you’re curious, this is what John Boehner is prioritizing as it relates to what I want as a grassroots Republican:

Questions about taxation, spending, and the national debt: 13
Questions about health care reform: 6
Questions about legislative procedure and oversight: 2
Questions about Benghazi: 1
Questions about Iran: 1
Questions about terrorist policy: 1
Questions about domestic energy production: 2
Questions about school vouchers: 1
Questions about gun rights: 1
Questions about immigration laws: 1
Questions about abortion: 1
Questions about same-sex marriage: 0

The last question asks if I support the work of Congressional Republicans, and offers three choices:

(1) Yes, and here’s $35 or more to reinforce the Republican Majority against the Obama political machine.

(2) I’m only able to pledge $15 to fund and tabulate this survey.

(3) [DIRECT QUOTE] : “No. I want Barack Obama to have complete control of Washington, and a Democratic Majority in the House to rubber-stamp his liberal agenda.”

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