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Presumed dangerous.


Included at this link is a list of dog breed-specific restrictions throughout the United States.

Breed-specific laws operate on the principle that certain types of dogs — usually but not always pit bull terriers and pit bull mixes — are by nature dangerous, regardless of their owner or evidence to the contrary. They may impose licensing fees, comprehensive registration including photographs of the animal, a liability insurance requirement, an obligation to report the dog leaving the state, giving birth, or dying. The most strict of these laws fine one simply for owning such a dog or may give the police the power to seize the pet and have them destroyed, even if they have caused no harm to an individual.

I know several people who own pits and pit-mixes, including couples with small children, whose dogs are well-behaved, well-trained, and loving creatures. Even dogs who were raised in the hells of fighting rings have been rescued and rehabilitated into fine companion animals.

Last year 30 or so people were killed in dog attacks, and reportedly most of these were the fault of uncontrolled pit bulls. So I understand how these breeds could be singled out. My point is: Several regions of our country decided that a few dozen fatal dog attacks occurring nationwide was too many to tolerate and took action to restrict or demand accountability from their owners and sellers. These regions include places like Aurora, CO.

All I can conclude is that we live in a society that loves guns more than it loves dogs.

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