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Sandra Bland goes to the trouble of applying for a job 1100 miles away from her home, then accepts that job 1100 miles away from her home, and then moves 1100 miles away from her home to start said job. Ms. Bland is apparently so furious at being pulled over for a routine traffic stop that she assaults a police officer, a crime for which she is then arrested and put into jail. She phones her sister and tells her that she was injured during the arrest, and her sister tells her to hold on while they pull together $515 to post her bond.

But Ms. Bland, a civil rights activist whose work in that field is by nature filled with disappointment and setbacks, simply CANNOT hold on, not even when she knows help is coming. So after a mere weekend in prison, she decides to commit suicide, then comes up with and successfully implements the unorthodox plan of hanging herself with a plastic garbage bag. This would seem to be a logical conclusion that would follow one videotaped admission, four months ago, that she was feeling “a little bit of depression and PTSD,” which is supposedly an unusual thing for anybody to be feeling in the Chicago area during yet another cold, wintry March.

I don’t want to hear your “we don’t know the whole story” and your “she should have known better than to argue.” The narrative above has been crafted by people who THINK YOU ARE IDIOTS and if you decide to swallow this narrative then THEY ARE RIGHT ABOUT YOU.

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This entry was posted on July 22, 2015 by in Essay, Politics, Society.
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