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Thou shalt not.


Follow me here: Yesterday, the Foundation for Moral Law, which works to create an American society in accordance to Biblical edicts, praised Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, stating “We hope millions will follow her example.”

The Foundation for Moral Law was started by Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore (who currently holds the title of President Emeritus; his wife Kayla is the current leader).

Roy Moore rose to national prominence because of his refusal to remove a Ten Commandments monument from inside his courthouse, despite the clear church/state conflict. The Ten Commandments place adultery on a level of crimes against God alongside theft and murder. The subject of homosexuality didn’t manage to make His top ten.

Not only has Kim Davis been divorced three times, the two children her second husband are raising were conceived by her third husband while she was still with her second husband. And she’s on husband number four, now.

“We hope millions will follow her example.”

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This entry was posted on September 2, 2015 by in Politics, Society.
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