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Yowls of terror and agony.

Do not be shocked or disappointed by Donald Trump. Donald Trump is doing exactly what Donald Trump does when Donald Trump suggests the things Donald Trump suggests. Donald Trump would stand in front of a crowd and light a kitten on fire while claiming that America needs more people like Donald Trump to light kittens on fire if he thought it would earn him more brand publicity.


The people standing around him, carrying signs and wearing homemade T-shirts that scream “LESS KITTENS MORE FIRE”. The other GOP candidates asking their pollsters to tell them right now if they could gain more traction with millennials by immolating a tabby or a calico. The media banner that queries: “Kittens: Cute or Kindling?” The so-called opposition party members providing cover with statements that Donald Trump is a quality American who may have misspoke, but one should consider that these are dangerous times and that what seemed to be a kitten may not have been a kitten at all, and that lighting it on fire might be the solution to the problem represented by the kitten. The school administrators suspending their teachers who stand in front of their classes and say unequivocally that it is wrong, always, to light a kitten on fire but who later mumble half-apologies when other teachers assign five-page essays on the history and potential benefits of kitten burning. The voters who insist on staying home from the ballots, griping that the candidates are exactly the same because one of them has proposed legislation requiring all kittens be rounded up and tossed on a pyre while the other candidate has admitted to being “more of a dog person.”

These are the people who shock and disappoint me. Donald Trump has no power without these people. Donald Trump is a pitiable, meaningless blowhard without these people, a man who you tolerate for a few seconds of his story about the hooker he met while backpacking in Holland before you turn on your heels and walk briskly away. Donald Trump is not Donald Trump save for the people who want him to be Donald Trump.

A national registry of Muslims. A kitten, yowling in terror and agony as the flames consume its fur and flesh. It should never have gotten so far as this and I can’t comprehend why it continues.

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