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Enough about the showers.


Stop making wishes or jokes about prisoner rape.
No matter who’s going to prison.
Even monsters like Daniel Holtzclaw.
Even sociopaths like Martin Shkreli.
Stop it.

Stop acting like this is a gray area in the realm of human abuse that a civilized society is allowed to indulge in because a perpetrator’s crimes are stomach-turning. Stop pretending this is our one acceptable atrocity.

A civilized society does not celebrate its prisons. A civilized society does not celebrate that the culture within those prisons has gone beyond the hell of incarceration into deeper hells of savagery and predatory hierarchy due to wanton corruption or apathy on behalf of the prison overseers. Your comments about soap falling in the showers and the baby-faces of the latest convicted criminal you’re satisfied to see sentenced make you appear distorted and ugly. Your outright hope that anybody experience daily degradation and pain is a crime against the concept of hope. Rape should not be considered a natural order or a fact of life inside a prison any more than it should be outside of one.

Wisecracks about prisoner rape are an admission of failure as a society, and worse, they’re an admission that we don’t care when we’ve failed.

Stop it.

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This entry was posted on December 19, 2015 by in Action Items, Essay, Politics, Society.
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