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Sunshine / Law.


The shiny centerpiece of the reparations package that Chicago is responsible for related to the decades–decades–that Jon Burge’s police department instituted a policy of torture and railroading innocent victims into lengthy prison sentences is the multimillion dollar payout. But as far as I’m concerned the most important and impactful piece is the requirement that the Burge regime will be taught in CPS curriculum for the racist horror-show it was.

And perhaps the next time somebody like Burge attempts to weasel his way into the power granted by state authority there will be a generation of wiser heads willing to look them and their allies in the eyes and tell them to drag their ignorant bullying carcasses back to history’s rotten spittoon.

Restitution is nice. Hope is better.

This does not of course discount, downplay, or excuse the continuing problems in American policing of black communities. The present still needs repairs; the future cannot function without them.

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This entry was posted on January 6, 2016 by in Chicago, Education, History, Politics, Society.
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