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What you don’t get to say about Chicago.

shellcasingIt is spiritually exhausting to keep watching strangers play Chicago as their GOTCHA GUN CONTROL SUCKS card–“Chicago has the strictest gun laws but there are all these shootings, I rest my case LOL”–and I can’t keep typing this over and over again.

Chicago’s gun laws are not the “strictest in the nation.”

They haven’t been for over five years.

One by one, the laws on the books have been loosened or struck down in one way or another, and instead of prohibitions we’ve created avenues for legal concealed carry. We’ve made the default state of buildings into “Sure Bring Your Gun Inside Your John McClane Moment Is Destined To Happen Inside This Payless Shoe Source” unless you put a sticker on your door that says otherwise. If you want to open your gun store in the city instead of waiting for people to drive 30 minutes to your store in Indiana, you can do that too now.

And yes, there are all these shootings in Chicago. There are still all these shootings and these shootings have been on the rise. But they’re on the rise despite the fact that the gun control opponents have consistently over the past five years GOTTEN WHAT THEY WANTED FROM CHICAGO.

That’s not an airtight argument that gun controls didn’t work. It’s an argument that you didn’t care what would happen after you got rid of them.

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