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The Message.

I understand the calculus that makes a voter say “my state is safely going to go blue; the swing states are what’s important.” That’s not untrue.

anvilBut I personally do not want Trump to suffer mere defeat. I want his defeat to be crushing and non-debatable by any metric. I want the emptiness of his soul to be met with a humiliating final vote tally. I want his self-described “silent majority” of angry xenophobes to feel how few of them there actually are, that this moment in our history when their voices have been amplified is not a reflection of what America actually looks like. I want them to be shell-shocked by how unwanted are their opinions, how unnecessary is their hate to making America function–I want them to see the ground beneath their feet slowly being swallowed by an ocean of progress.

A close election loss tells the GOP and their base that maybe all they got wrong was the strategy or the candidates, and we’ll end up reliving some version of this bedlam every two years. I want to send a message that it’s the perspectives and platform itself that are the problem, and that the returns on investing in such politics will continue to sharply diminish.

I know in my heart that there are many more of us than there are of him. Now I want to see it in the polling.

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This entry was posted on July 31, 2016 by in Action Items, Politics.
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