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Hypothetical you, but also actual you.

Remember that childhood friend of yours. The one you stayed friends with through all of grade school, all of high school, all of college. The one you’re as close as siblings with. You know who I mean.

One day that friend of yours told you that they didn’t want to be called the name they’d been using as a child. They were older now and wished to use the less juvenile version of that name.

It was weird at first. You got used to it.

For a few months that friend of yours went through a phase and they concocted a nickname.

It was weird at first. You got used to it.

They realized that phase wasn’t them at all. They asked to retire the nickname and never use it again.

It was surprisingly weird to go back. You got used it.

Your friend met somebody. They fell in love with that somebody. They decided to marry that somebody. They chose a new last name, either that of their spouse or some long hyphenate that didn’t roll off the tongue and maybe you have issues about the property-based origins of taking somebody else’s name but this was your dearest friend and it made them happy. This identity made them happy. It made them whole.

It was weird at first. You got used to it. You didn’t insist on calling them by the first name you knew them by, or the nickname they never speak of, or the name that came with their parents because it would be easier on you to do so. You respected that this was who they had decided to be and you recognized that you had no right to give them the language enforcing who you thought they should be.

Which is to say.
The pronouns have changed.
It might be weird at first.
You will get used to it.

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