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This is not a drill.

school drill

If we’re forcing our teachers and students to disrupt their teaching and learning every so often with active shooter drills, we should be doing the same for any place that a mass shooting incident could occur.

And we should be doing this at at least the same frequency that mass shooting incidents do occur.

And the disruption of the drill should last at least the same amount of time as it might take for a real incident to commence, then for first responders to arrive, secure the scene, collect evidence, interview witnesses, deal with the wounded or dead, provide on-site trauma counseling, and then for relevant parties to respond to media questions.

This should be happening at our busiest corporate hubs. This should be happening at our stock exchanges. At our shopping centers and our sports stadiums. This should be happening to the point that the drills become so prevalent that they harm productivity and profit margins across the entire nation.

This might be the only way we can convince ourselves that we need to consider alternative solutions.

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This entry was posted on September 30, 2016 by in Politics, Society.
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