Creative Control

Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Sound and its reverberation.

acousticsThe science and engineering of architectural acoustics deals with how one designs a room for optimal sound–assuring that what is spoken can be heard with greatest clarity by the widest possible area.

My vote is not my voice. My voice has much more nuance and detail and flexibility and music within it. My voice takes practice and my voice is not bound by an arbitrary window of time. My voice may shout and it may shake and it may anger or inspire or move people to tears. My voice is the best reflection of me that I can produce from the body and mind I’ve been given.

My vote is not my voice. My vote is the brief second in which I am handed a pencil and given the freedom to revise the blueprints, in the effort to create a room where my voice might be better expressed.

My vote is not my voice. My vote is architectural acoustics.

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