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Human resources.

serfSo in the Republican Utopia To Come, people will be forced to save as much of their income as possible to prepare for the likelihood of requiring some form of healthcare, which means they won’t have money to place into the economy in other ways.

Consumers buy less of whatever else the market is selling, which include big-ticket items such as cars and homes as well as smaller essentials such as food and clothing. Citing lower profits as a consequence, the companies that produce these items begin making cuts to their labor forces, their salaries, their benefits, while leaving their own top-level managers’ dividends largely untouched.

These increasingly impoverished workers now have less money than before to spend on things that aren’t their own health care. The economy continues on its downward spiral and the majority of the population becomes more reliant on the mercies of the upper classes to survive.

Of course they want you to have more children and of course they don’t care if the children you have are healthy. Feudalism, after all, is the act of re-classifying people as a renewable fuel instead of thinking of them as human beings.

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