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How to handle the echo.


Approximately 27-32%. It’s going to hover in that range. Approximately 27-32% who will never budge, will never have a moment of epiphany, will lock their minds behind deadbolts and chains to ensure that such epiphany never enters it. Approximately 27-32% who will manufacture white noise out of a four-word mantra and exist obliviously inside it.

“I like that he.”

I like that he tells the environmentalists to go stuff themselves. The world has survived for hundreds of thousands¬†of years with people burning fossil fuels so clearly there’s nothing wrong with doing it for hundreds of thousands more.

I like that he discriminates against people. Those people should be discriminated against. Everything about them is inferior to me. We should limit how many of them are allowed in and we should lower the amount of them we currently have.

I like that he wanted to take away healthcare from millions of Americans. My money is more important than somebody else’s welfare.

I like that he talks tough to North Korea. We have all these nuclear weapons and if people believe we’ll never use them then they walk all over us. It makes us look weak.

I like that he started a nuclear war. It lets the world know that we were serious and should not have been trifled with.

I like that he ensured all those people are dead or dying from fire and radiation burns. See above about how all of them were inferior to me.

I like that he ended human civilization. Human civilization had reached its peak after he was elected, because we would never again have a leader as great as he was.

And I’m supposed to listen carefully to the concerns of such nihilists, adapt my thinking to make their lives more comfortable.

My mantra is also four words long.

The hell with that.

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This entry was posted on August 9, 2017 by in Fiction, History, Politics, Society.
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