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Beyond all reason.

las_vegas_shootNRA: A fully automatic rifle is already illegal, and therefore harder to obtain, so the massacre in Las Vegas just goes to to show you that the laws restricting firearms don’t work.

ALSO NRA: Therefore we should have fewer laws restricting firearms.

ALSO NRA: Which we successfully lobbied for within Nevada, a state that allows both concealed and open carry, zero restrictions against assault weaponry or magazine capacity, and where neither firearm registration nor owner licenses are required.

ALSO NRA: Fully automatic rifles are fucking sweet. As soon as you can legally own one we’ll be happy to manufacture anything your heart desires.

ALSO NRA: Because you will need one, if not several, to defend yourself at all times. Perhaps you heard about that incident in Las Vegas.

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This entry was posted on October 2, 2017 by in Politics, Society.
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