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matchesI see and believe those of you who have self-identified, as well as those of you who could have but chose not to.

Seeing you means I should also see myself, and acknowledge that at some points in my life and in many different ways I have contributed to the culture that harmed you. An outgrown attitude, a behavior or sentence when I didn’t know better, a silence when there should have been words. Things I echoed from older boys who echoed them from older boys who echoed them from their fathers who echoed them from their grandfathers. People or ideas I previously thought were harmless.

That I may have moved past such sins now — and I make no blanket declarations that I have, because certain levels of indoctrination require great personal vigilance to oppose — does not change what they did to others when I was younger, and how they nurtured the atmosphere of our present.

And so I see you.
And so I believe you.
And so I am sorry.

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This entry was posted on October 16, 2017 by in Fatherhood, Politics, Society.
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