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The faded glory.


Read both the text and the subtext of Germany’s statement. They have every reason to observe that even after the eventual removal of Narcissus Rex it will┬ábe a long time before they, or any other global power, should trust us again. We as a society keep taking choices that are so easy they should be insulting and turning them into nonsensical debates that result in us not only making the wrong decision but the single most disastrous version of that wrong decision.

Eight years of the violent and volatile Dick Cheney puppet presidency should have taught us a lesson about our responsibilities to each other and to the world. For many of us it did. For others of us it reinforced knowledge we already had. For far too many of us it did not, and for just enough of us it seemed to inspire a dangerous curiosity as to how much deeper into the crocodile’s jaws we could go before the grumbling, grinning beast would decide to snap shut.

Your high school quarterback days are over, America. Your form and your technique fell apart, as you skipped practices to go slam six-packs of Natty Ice with your bros in the room above your neighbor’s garage, high-fiving yourself about the gorgeous spiral you once threw to win the second game of a losing season.

Go apply for the late-night shift at the gas station. The oil company already owns you anyhow.

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This entry was posted on December 7, 2017 by in Politics, Society.
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