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The Joy of Agency.


There’s a scene in both the original Scott Pilgrim comic books and its film adaptation in which Scott and Ramona have undressed and climbed into bed together, and then Ramona tells Scott:

“I changed my mind…I don’t want to have sex with you, Pilgrim. Not right now. You can sleep in my bed, and I reserve the right to change my mind about the sex later.”

Scott’s response is:

“This is cool.”

None of this is framed as emasculating.

Now, of course: Scott is at this point cheating on his girlfriend with Ramona, and he has a host of other maturity issues that he gradually deals with throughout the narrative. I’m not mentioning this to name Scott Pilgrim, the character, as some kind of role model.

I’m mentioning this because the scene succinctly illustrates how consent should occur moment to moment, and can be either withdrawn or reinstated by either party at any point of the encounter. This is a scene that should be taught in schools.

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