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What They Are.


Recent reports about Alek Minassian, who killed 10 people and injured 15 more in Toronto yesterday, claim that he declared himself an “involuntary celibate” and that he praised American mass murderer Elliot Rodger online before he carried out his attack.

Presuming that his motives were similar to Rodger’s — who killed six and injured 14 using a gun, a knife, and a car in 2014 because he felt he was entitled to a more satisfying sex life — this is not likely to be named a terrorist act, due to a narrow definition of what constitutes a “political” aim.

The goal of such actions is to recapture a fading mode of heterosexual relationships in which men had more power and less accountability. It attempts to establish an understanding that when women refuse a man’s advances fatal consequences will follow for not just the woman, but for humanity at large.

This is an act of social engineering being carried out under the threat of violence. This is an act of terrorism. And its adherents should be treated with the same levels of circumspection and contempt.

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This entry was posted on April 24, 2018 by in Politics, Society.
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