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“It’s a living.”


“If civilization is going to last, if it’s going to amount to anything more than just a place to watch TV and get cheap snake meat, it will only be because we’ve learned to do one thing…to care for people who mean nothing to us.” – Fred Flintstone

Yes, that Fred Flintstone, as depicted in Mark Russell and Steve Pugh’s astonishing and insightful The Flintstones┬ácomic book published by DC, which reconfigures the world of Bedrock as a cutting social satire instead of simply a lighthearted situational comedy.

I’ve read eight issues of this book so far and it has been funny, touching, and utterly on point in its discussion of our modern concerns — including religion, politics, capitalism, war, social class, and human relationships — through the lens of this fantastical Stone Age. On several occasions I have actually gasped in shock at something that hit me right in the heart.

Get over whatever part of yourself tells you not to take The Flintstones seriously, and then go find it and read it.

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This entry was posted on June 26, 2018 by in Comic Books, Critique, Politics, Society.
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