Creative Control

Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Whims and whimsy.

In my mind’s eye Barron Trump has more or less evolved into the awkward child protagonist of a Wes Anderson film.


[TRANSITION MUSIC: Chad & Jeremy, “A Summer Song.”]
[TITLE CARD: Pigeon Park, New York]

(BARRON sits on park bench throwing jellybeans to pigeons. TIFFANY sits down next to him.)

They like the red ones best.

I thought pigeons were color blind.

No. Pigeons see more colors than we do.


(A lengthy silence. The pigeons coo and peck at the scattered jellybeans.)

He’s never going to change.

I know.

(A lengthy silence. BARRON crinkles the brown paper bag of jellybeans and then hands it over to TIFFANY.)

Excuse me.

[TRANSITION MUSIC: The Pretty Things, “Don’t Bring Me Down”]

(BARRON stands and strides purposefully offscreen. Montage of BARRON striding purposefully across several disconnected scenes, including a New York City street, a Penn Station train platform, a patio brunch in progress, and the halls of the United States Capitol. BARRON encounters GAETZ, who is looking at his own teeth in a sugar spoon.)

He’s not your dad.


That’s all I have to say to you.

(BARRON strides purposefully away.)

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