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I woke up this morning thinking of Terrence.

Terrence is one of the 30* individual characters featured in Louis Sachar’s enjoyably weird Sideways Stories from Wayside School, about an elementary school that was supposed to have 30 classrooms placed side-by-side but was instead built 30 stories straight up.

Terrence’s tale introduces him as an untrustworthy, antisocial bully with the obnoxious behavior of taking playground balls and intentionally kicking them over the fence. He goes from group to group, demanding to join their games despite reluctance from some of the other students, and each time he is allowed in he takes the playground ball they had and kicks it over the fence, tossing insults at the kids who had let him play before moving on.

At the end of Terrence’s story, with all balls having been kicked beyond the fence, he complains to the school custodian Louis that there’s nothing left to kick. Louis disagrees, explaining that he might still have something available, but that he’s not sure if he should let Terrence have it.

After a brief sidebar with the other students, all of whom believe Louis should let Terrence have it… Louis kicks Terrence over the fence.

What a peculiar and irrelevant thought for me to have in my head this morning. Can’t imagine what inspired it.

*That is, 30 characters if you count Miss Zarves. Except you shouldn’t count Miss Zarves. Because there is no Miss Zarves.

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This entry was posted on November 10, 2020 by in Books, Politics.
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