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Show-Me Statistics.

In case you missed it, the state of Missouri is now offering one unsettling view of how the prospective post-Roe dystopia is going to metastasize.

Observe that Missouri was one of those states with a “trigger” law on the books that allowed them within minutes of the Dobbs decision to declare abortion, except in cases of medical emergency, a Class-B felony.

Observe also that Missouri maintains a law on its books, instituted in 1973 and reaffirmed as recently as 2016, that prohibits legal finalization of divorce when one partner in the marriage is pregnant. The reasoning behind such a law is that one of the facets of divorce is the arbitration of child custody and support arrangements, which the courts will not rule upon until the child is born.


Now observe also that Missouri maintains some of the most relaxed firearm laws in the nation, requiring no background checks on unlicensed sales, allowing concealed carry without safety training or permits, and offering no ownership restrictions against domestic abusers. Note that intimate partner violence is one of the leading causes of death for expectant mothers, and that handguns are a key factor in such homicides. Observe that Missouri has the third-highest rate of domestic violence victims in the nation.

So: If you are pregnant in Missouri, but wish to divorce an abusive partner, you are not only prohibited from legal separation from that abuser but must also carry that abuser’s child to term, hoping all the while that said abuser doesn’t kill you with the firearm they can easily obtain.

Texas, Arkansas, and Arizona have similar divorce restrictions in their legal codes.

When we say that the cruelty of the Dobbs decision is going to lead to widespread death, we’re not only talking about the complications associated with illicit medical procedures.

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