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Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

Appetite for destruction.

No callback, thereby not even a chance to vie for understudy role. Wish other candidates best of luck, but don’t know them, so at same time, wish all of them to be swallowed by sudden crack in earth. Small grin. Bitterness breeds the most interesting fantasies.

Hungry, so need lunch. Not sure where to spend money. “Dead dog in alley. Tire tread on burst stomach.” [1]

So much joy and sorrow this week. Girlfriend’s older brother has popped the question and been given a positive response, am going to bar tonight to celebrate. Possible karaoke joint. May need to sing loud Guns-n-Roses song to get rid of volcanic bitterness.

And sorrow, mentioned sorrow. I know nothing from sorrow. Was not called back, big deal, happened before will happen again. Friend Steven and friend Sandra had bad Wednesday: Steve’s grandmother, 86, passed away yesterday morning; shortly thereafter, Sandra–who is Steve’s significant other–loses her stepdad to a mysterious death [2]. Perspective gained, I finish the entry.

[1] Sound like Rorschach, of “Watchmen,” when am bitter. Perhaps shall fight crime.

[2] When email was received, with subject line “sad note,” expected it would be news that Sandra’s mother, who has been suffering a terminal disease for some time, had passed. Instead, her stepdad went suddenly, in his sleep. Leads me to the current music title, strangely, although the meaning of the song is different.

Current music: MP3 list, The Beach Boys, “God Only Knows”

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