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Sentient beings.


And then we got a dog.

She’s a four year-old former racing greyhound who used to tear up the track under the name “Oracle,” which is such a brilliant name for a dog that we felt no need to try and change it. We drove up to Emerald Greyhound Kennel in Kenosha, Wisconsin to meet her and a number of other greys, and she was the one who seemed to take the most shine to us. A few of the others, while playful and affectionate, would probably also be too much energy for our apartment and lifestyle…Oracle played around with us for five minutes or so, but after we threw the squeaky toy that third time, she was through with such Sisyphean recreation, and instead simply decided to explore the grass.

Oracle’s gone in for her veterinary work, neutering and teeth cleaning; after she recovers she’ll spend a few weeks in foster care with people who will teach her how to actually exist in a home with people. It’s incredible, really…she’s never navigated stairs, she’s never dealt with windows or a number of other basic features that many other domesticated animals take for granted. She’s four years old and most of what she’s known is that when the door opens and the bell goes off, you run as fast as you can along the length of the track. Her career’s over now, but I’m glad that we can rescue her from the obscure retirement of a kennel.

So we’ll teach the dog how to live with us, she’ll teach us how to live with her, and we’ll both teach each other a little bit about love and responsibility. A heartwarming story for the whole family. With Jeff Daniels as “Curly.” Coming to our apartment November 18th.

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This entry was posted on October 30, 2006 by in Dogs, Love.
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