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Canis pluralis.

In some weird fit of mathematical whimsy, combined with a concern that our youngest family member was being left alone far too often, the ratio of humans to dogs in the household has been changed from 2:1 to 2:2.


Her name is Cassie, which is short for Cassandra1. She’s a one year-old pointer mix, weighing about fifty pounds, who we met at the Anti-Cruelty Society yesterday. She met Oracle at the same time and they fell absolutely in love with each other.

We had been considering a younger sibling for Oracle for some time, but had not been thinking of a dog at all like Cassie–we were originally thinking along the lines of something much smaller and with less hair. However, we like the idea of another running and hunting dog, who can play with our greyhound at the dog park and who Oracle won’t ever confuse for some sort of barking bunny.

She’s a real sweetheart. I think all three of us are very happy to have her join the pack.


1¬†Yes, our dogs are named Oracle and Cassandra. We’ll see what kind of predictions they make before we decide whether we’re going to listen to either of them.

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