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New Leaf Theatre’s production of Vox Pandora, considered the world premiere of said work for a public audience, ended last night at approximately 10:10 pm, CST. It was a good and gentle death, punctuated by pleasant applause and a number of positive comments expressed in the lobby afterwards.

This is what the last scene of the play looks like.


I will miss it. But now I begin the work of giving the script a final edit based on what I learned from the run–something I wish I had had the talent of seeing beforehand, but which I have accepted is a difficult skill to master, if possible at all. After that, I will start sending it out again to see if anybody else is willing to give the play as much love and attention as New Leaf has done.

The question is now whether the play will ever see a second production. The ancillary question is whether the second production can live up to the legacy of the first one.

We’ll see. I hope it does, on both counts.

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