Creative Control

Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

“Collected Works, 2004 – 2008”.


As warned in the prior entry, these are each of the plays that I’ve produced within the confines of Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind, listed as chronologically as I can recall:

  • Neo-Futurist Rock Review: Angry Phone Call
  • In Which It Is Determined The Exact Number of Neo-Futurists Required To Change A Lightbulb
  • I’m Not And They’re Not But If We Were I Would Totally
  • Do Not Remove! Alarm Will Sound!
  • Schrödinger’s Restroom
  • The Lies of the Liberal Medea
  • Contagion!
  • Traumaquarium
  • X to Jump, Y to Fire
  • Due To Recent Department of Labor Regulations, There Will Be No Overtime Play
  • Sports Utility Joust
  • Against All Odds, Dean Evans Performs This Play
  • Operation Iraqi Arithmetic
  • Neo-Futurist Dance LessonSupersaturated: An Internalized Scream with Science Novelty
  • Goat
  • Frankenfuturist
  • My faith in humanity may ultimately be dependent on whether or not Adolpho lives in Schaumburg.
  • All The Ladies In The House Say
  • possible outcome walks into a bar (the other two duck)
  • When God Closes Doors, He Opens WINDOWS
  • Trivial Pursuit, Archaic Sarcasm
  • Auto Body Experience
  • Cazart!
  • Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder, Dammit
  • Set in Stone
  • For No Apparent Reason and Despite The Late Hour, The Neo-Futurist and the Audience Member Sat Down to an Awkward Continental Breakfast.
  • This Metaphor Not Approved By OSHA
  • Fascionista!
  • just a test.
  • The Reality of Reality
  • Open Door Policy
  • CSI: N-F
  • detonator
  • Spoiler Space
  • BattleBolton
  • This Play to be Performed at my Earliest Convenience
  • Indecent Reprisal
  • Arbitrary Contest with Infinite Suspense
  • Raising a Moral Marigold
  • having your cake and cutting it too
  • Now on Shuffle
  • As If Anybody In Their Right Mind
  • If You Miss Me and You Can’t Find Me Nowhere
  • Poor Man’s Poe
  • Quid Pro Quarrel
  • Rooted Like Cypress in the Rising Bayou (for Alobar)
  • Song of All The Spanish I Remember
  • Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
  • Staged reading of the back of my mind in the back of an Italian restaurant on what I later realized was Guy Fawkes Day.
  • Ends and Means and the Verb in Between
  • The God Du Jour
  • Untitled Frustration #592
  • A Parable of Blinking Midnights
  • Gay Cowboy Play
  • Extra Credit Take Home Play
  • Jack You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know Jack, Jack Knows You Don’t, No You Don’t, Jack
  • Personal Brando
  • (hitman good)
  • Verily, the Neo-Futurists doth laugh anon at Fate and Superstition.
  • …with his crazy noises about great white bears
  • RandoMMemORandumM
  • turf.
  • National Anthem
  • Fox, Chicken, and Sack of Grain: Part Two
  • Snakes on a Play!
  • Across your heart and hope to survive
  • Like a Funeral From Russian Literature (Minus the Funeral, Russians, or Literature)
  • Mess Occurs
  • VICTORY: A Neo-News Special Report
  • S i m m e r
  • Game Warden
  • Donald, His Teeth Stained With Daffy
  • A Subtle Expression of Appreciation Based Entirely on What You’re Missing
  • Sticks and Stones, Rubber and Glue
  • clydetombaughsolarsystem
  • Who’s On Fire?
  • Beagle/Bull Terrier/Bigger Issue
  • by the dim light of sanity with an empty bottle of endorphins.
  • Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Gum Disease Is Also Red
  • Tempest in a Teacup
  • With All The Time I’ve Wasted Browsing The Wikipedia I Could Have Written Ten Plays, (Instead of Just This One About Browsing The Wikipedia)
  • Night of the Natural Life Process
  • Open-Faced
  • Cain and Abel agree to meet in an undisclosed, neutral location.
  • My Superior and Most Impressive Technique
  • that last burning inch of forgiveness
  • Onstage Farce, Backstage Drama
  • Unlikely Candidate: An Underdog Story
  • Sincerely, Hackneyed Plot Device
  • Apology Expected
  • Tossing and Turning
  • The Hydra
  • …to which you must respond, “No.”
  • The shortest point between two distances
  • License, Registration
  • The script had scars like editing marks.
  • (Overth)Inking
  • finesse
  • This Will Make Sense Later, When You’re Watching the DVD Box Set
  • Impersonal Pronoun
  • minimum safe radius
  • Bilal’s Masturbation Play
  • Models of Efficiency
  • Principal Uncertainty Principle
  • YOU cannot stop this play! NOBODY can stop this play! This play is UNSTOPPABLE!
  • Amateur Night in the Ongoing Argument
  • Coup d’tater
  • This Is An Important and Powerful Statement Regarding An Issue Of Great Importance To America
  • black boxed theater
  • These Few Very Simple Directions
  • Specimental
  • dialogue.
  • And The Tear-Jerking Crisis Song Soloist Will Remind You What Truly Matters
  • ran, runs, running, rerun
  • Not-feratu
  • Race Relations
  • Lather, Rinse, Regret
  • DVRt
  • Constructive
  • Hush. Money.
  • a silence so offensive it interrupts oxygen
  • Stopping Power
  • The Official Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind Make-Your-Own-Luck Small Cash Super Lottery Jackpot Play!
  • The Moment of Fruit
  • For Our Next Trick, Cynicism
  • Fidato di.
  • Naming / Convention
  • Oedipus Simple
  • “Thing”
  • This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Father’s Day Play
  • Banter & Back-story
  • Segues Sans Showstoppers
  • The Neo-Futurists’ Ongoing Allegorical Lecture Series Presents: How to Build a Chair
  • double-blind
  • All The News You Can Possibly Stomach
  • I, EXAM
  • The Heist Play
  • cognito / communicado
  • Second Act Problem, Scene One
  • No Transit
  • No Hard Feelings?
  • Eggsonerated
  • We are running a clean and respectful play.
  • Foxtrot India Romeo Echo Delta
  • The Neo-Futurist Board of Tourism Invites House Left to Experience The Wonders of the Nametag Room
  • Why Won’t You Say What You Mean When You Say You Meant What You Said?
  • That Parade Done Passed Me By
  • Mind Over Matter Over Mind
  • The Tell
  • long division w/remainder
  • Wisp-o’-the-Will
  • …Among Other Things That “B” Is For…

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