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Beck and college.

There is no interview process for the MFA in Writing for Stage and Screen at Northwestern. I didn’t miss it, as there was nothing to miss.

When I called, I was informed that although decisions start going out in March, I might not necessarily know my status until May or June.

(Ahem. Excuse me. My emphasis missed its entrance cue.)

…I might not necessarily know my status until May or June.


I’ve made a lot of decisions in the first quarter of this year based on the possibility that I might be in graduate school by the fall, including my decision to forgo the sabbatical from Too Much Light1 and focusing my job search on temp and contract work because I didn’t want to jump into a long-term employment opportunity and then be that jerk who knew he was going to quit in six months. I’d love to be a part of this year’s tour to Woolly Mammoth in December, which would be a month-long, 26-show marathon; but can’t commit to it right now just in case I’d be finishing up my first semester at that time.

Apparently, one of the questions I failed to notice on the application was:

Is it all right if we dangle your life in front of you for up to six months, like a carrot on a stick? Yes, in this metaphor, you are some kind of starving mule and we have placed our oppressive weight directly on top of your spine. Anyhow, not that it matters to us what your answer is, but would that be okay with you?

I suspect that the longer I have to wait for a solid decision the more likely it is that at best I’ve been wait-listed, admitted to the program only if one or more of the people they prefer decides to decline the invitation.

Still, I’m pretty sure that most other graduate programs tell you if you’ve been placed as such, instead of defining the wait-list as the list of people who just have to wait to hear anything whatsoever.

1 A decision that I feared may have affected both my psyche and the quality of the show, as towards the end of my last run in the show I began to suffer a sort of creative and spiritual exhaustion that made me feel almost certain that I was thoroughly tapped and would never have anything worthwhile to offer the Neo-Futurists again. I’m not on sabbatical now, but doing the New Leaf show, being out of TML until June, has almost immediately rejuvenated me as I experience new things in rehearsal and focus on performance instead of writing.

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