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Always look on the bright yellow side of life.

bananasYesterday my dad gave me a few bananas along with a bag of other food items that my mom had prepared on Sunday…we were supposed to go out to Lisle for dinner, but failed to make it due to my wife accidentally pulling some muscles in her back while doing some aggressive spring cleaning.

I don’t often eat bananas. I used to eat them all the time. Like many other primates, I do enjoy a ripe banana, but my wife has some kind of strange allergic reaction to them…they, in her words by way of Ralph Wiggum, “taste like burning.” This reaction is pervasive enough that if I eat bananas and then do something like kiss her, or breathe too closely, it affects her.

However, as of late, my wife and I aren’t seeing much of each other. She works her day job, leaving early, while I sit here attempting to find a new one. In the evenings I have either been at rehearsals or performances of Too Much Light or The Long Count. She, not to be outdone, has of late been at rehearsals for either Striding Lion’s new show Birdsongs, the new work AWOL that she’s helping develop with local clown troupe Eleffant Foot, or the pieces she’s performing as part of The Side Project’s upcoming Cut To The Quick festival. Which might explain, in part, why she wrenched her back on Sunday.

We’re in the same room to fall asleep, right now. And the small consolation I can get for this (self-chosen, I stress) situation is that at least for now I can eat bananas.

So I did.

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This entry was posted on March 18, 2009 by in Health, Love, Neo-Futurists, New Leaf Theatre, Theatre, Work.
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