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Food for Thwart.


In order:

1) Wife and I realize how hungry we are. We decide to go out for lunch.

2) Weather is warm and pleasant. We decide to go to T’s Bar and Grill with Oracle, as T’s has an outdoor seating area where dogs are allowed to be present.

3) We drive by T’s and discover that the outdoor seating area has not yet been set up; understandable, as spring has been vacillating between temperatures of 40 and 80 this past week, with scattered thunderstorms, so perhaps T’s isn’t ready for the declaration of better weather that would be signified by the return of outdoor seating.

4) However, we have a dog in the back seat, and don’t believe in leaving her in there just so we can go eat. We decide to order and pick up food from Vince’s, a small pizzeria near us, on the way back home.

5) When we call Vince’s, we are informed that the ovens aren’t working.

6) We drive back home and drop Oracle off. Also, by this time the weather has started to cool down significantly, so we grab warmer clothing.

7) We decide to walk to our local Thai place. As we start walking, it begins to pour. We rush back to the car and decide to drive to Charlie’s Ale House, instead.

8) Shortly after we begin driving to Charlie’s, Dana notices a foul stench in the car. I have not passed gas and Oracle has not eliminated in the car during her short and uneventful round trip. Dana checks her shoe and notices that the bottom is covered in feces. We turn the car around and head home.

9) After washing her shoe and the passenger side floor mat, we notice that it has stopped pouring. We decide to walk again, this time to the excellent Peruvian cafe just a few blocks away from us.

10) When we arrive at the Peruvian cafe, we are informed, to the manager’s regret, that all food orders may take upwards of an hour. The Food Channel is filming in their restaurant this evening, and the presence of the camera crew in the kitchen is slowing things down. Dana and I are starving by this point. We congratulate the proprietor and decide to walk to the Thai place again.

11) Grande Noodle is open and not experiencing any service issues. We finally have lunch.

12) Feeling much. Better. Now.

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