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Invasions of privacy.


“If you pose for nude photos you should expect to have them stolen, especially if you’re a celebrity.” – Comment posted below Jennifer Lawrence’s statement regarding the theft of her private property

Let’s talk about the many, many ways this is wrong.

1) The idea that you should have an expectation of theft for anything you own, regardless of what that thing is.

2) The idea that because there is a market for such items that it justifies the crimes required for that market to exist.

3) The idea that choosing to have a photograph of yourself without any clothes on is a choice worthy of some form of punishment.

4) The idea that we as a collective of gawking audience have a greater authority over when and how a person’s image may be given to any of us than the person whose image it is.

5) The idea that celebrity in and of itself makes somebody both more and less than human, and that their human rights and emotional welfare are not worthy of consideration.

I’m with Lawrence. The hacking and distribution of the photos was nothing short of a sex crime, and if you shrug your shoulders or think she deserved it then realize how close you are to somebody who says the same thing when a woman is physically assaulted.

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