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My news feed right now contains a jarring combination of 9/11 remembrances and a photo of a Sikh cab driver from a suburb adjacent to my hometown who was brutally beaten earlier this week while being taunted as a “terrorist” who should “go back to his country.”

The suspect is 17 years old, which means he was a toddler when the attacks occurred. In the 14 years between, either nobody bothered to explain to him the differences between a Sikh and a Muslim; the differences between a terrorist and a peaceful civilian; and the basic social contract that says we do not assault people for no good reason…or somebody actively encouraged all of the misconceptions and blind anger that led to this hate crime.

If your response to 9/11 was to perpetrate and foster additional acts of violence against innocent people, then you aren’t honoring the victims of that atrocity. You remember nothing about that day or the days after. You have been spoiling for a fight, and in a deep, dark part of your soul, you were waiting for something like 9/11 to happen to provide justification for your own malevolent fantasies. And those of us who still believe in the possibilities of the American Experiment will forever end up apologizing for you.

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This entry was posted on September 11, 2015 by in History, Politics, Society.
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