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Missing Pieces.


In case you missed it; yesterday WGN News did a really, really stupid thing while attempting to wish their Jewish viewers a happy Yom Kippur. You can see it in the photo above. If you’re not sure what’s wrong here, I’ll give you three guesses what genocidal regime produced these particular yellow stars for a class of its own citizenry to wear.

WGN’s ugly Yom Kippur fiasco will happen again, in another form, and it’s not only because of the poor editorial quality control, or some nameless intern who grabbed the first stock photo he found and handed it over to the graphics technicians.

This is about the continuing devaluation of curiosity and imagination in our education systems, brought to you by the same people who base school funding on tax brackets and test scores, the people who find the arts worthless, history inconvenient, and science a nuisance to be overcome.

WGN aired a Nazi artifact on Wednesday because when that image passed in front of however many people it has to pass in front of, none of them still had the human instinct that makes our brains say “I’ve never seen that before. I wonder what it is?” It has been bludgeoned out of them and replaced with an unnatural programming that says “I’ve never seen that before, so it must not be important.”

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