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The press release went out on Friday, which means I can now discuss it openly–as of mid-September, I’ve ended my tenure as an Artistic Director for The Neo-Futurists. This is a step down but not a step out; I’m remaining active with the company and am excited to continue forth with this fine crew of energetic and passionate artists in my role as an ensemble member.

The release used language along the lines that I had stepped down to “pursue other creative projects within and outside of the company,” which is true even though I would have been doing that had I remained in the position. The real reason is that I’ve taken a full-time day job as a Marketing Copywriter at Dream Town Realty, but saying that I’d stepped down “to take a new job at Dream Town Realty” made it sound to me like I’d left all of theater behind to go work in real estate, which wouldn’t be true and which caused minor spinal shivering.

I’ve had a month and a half now to process what it means to shed this three-year carapace of my identity and I’m doing well with it. I miss the daily opportunities to talk about the business and process of making live theatre with the staff and I’m sorry for the opportunities I missed to work with the staff members who have just jumped aboard. I hope I’ve accomplished enough to help those who follow accomplish even more. I look forward to the ways I can remain supportive and vital within the collective and I’ll certainly trumpet and advocate for our work with the exact same fervor as I always have.

And now I have some social media fields to update.

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