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The first stone.

magdaleneLet’s set aside for a moment the fact that the Cruz team seems incapable of managing the basic task of using Google or IMDB before they spend thousands in precious campaign capital. This incident represented an opportunity unique to Ted Cruz, a man who has been running for Pastor-in-Chief since well before the primary even began.

The actress in question, Amy Lindsay, is presently a conservative Christian who in her past has appeared in a handful of softcore adult films. It would have been remarkably easy for Ted Cruz to run this ad anyhow and then get out in front of the story by releasing a statement akin to:

“I and my staff were well aware of the past sins1 of this actress. However, I chose to follow the example of my Savior, Jesus Christ, who forgave the adulteress2 Mary Magdalene and welcomed her into his company after she repented her wickedness.”

But Ted Cruz wouldn’t do that, not even if it seems on the surface like a surefire way to energize his evangelical base. Because in his heart of hearts, Ted Cruz is not that sort of Christian who cares what Jesus would do. And his campaign likely realizes that neither are the people who are going to vote for him.

I personally do not stand in judgment of Amy Lindsay’s life or choices.

Early canonical representations of Mary Magdalene refer to her as a nonspecific sinner; later versions characterize her as a prostitute or adulteress. The point is not what she did, it’s that Jesus forgave her regardless.

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