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Patriarchy’s priorities.

Medical science has created a vaccine against cervical cancer and it has reduced that cancer’s prevalence in young women by nearly 2/3 since its introduction.

Be very clear about the marvel that this is.
It’s a vaccine.
That prevents cancer.

I’d love nothing more than to celebrate this solely as a human achievement, but it would be dishonest not to observe that America’s ability to combat said cancer has been hindered by our usual crew of rancid patriarchal theocrats, who have decried the vaccine as a gateway to promiscuity.


Be very clear about the travesty that this is.
Groups of lawmakers and society leaders.
Who oppose a vaccine.
That prevents cancer.

When people talk about the stakes of every election, this is part of that conversation. Because there are going to be venal and compromised people seeking your vote, people who don’t inspire you, people who have opposed or supported policies that you wish they hadn’t. There are people you cannot stand being asked to vote for, and those reasons are your own and legitimate.

But there are also people who would rather you get cancer than have sex outside of marriage. And if you won’t use the voting system against them, by Grabthar’s Hammer please do SOMETHING against them.

The irony that we’re getting this news on the same day that one of the Final Five GOP candidates decided to slash funding for women’s healthcare in Ohio is not lost on me.

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This entry was posted on February 22, 2016 by in Essay, Health, Politics, Society.
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