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Shout it down.


On the thwarted right-wing rage concert last night in Chicago: The argument that the protest itself amounted to sound and fury, signifying nothing save giving Herr Hairpiece more attention, is an argument by people at least once-removed from the dread he instills in those that he continues to target for abuse and ostracizing.

The protest is a victory because it is important that those minorities–those singled out in his rhetoric as not only Other but Less Than–saw somebody put on a show of force that, even for a moment, brought this rampaging juggernaut to retreat.

The GOP cesspool that spawned this creature has shown itself to be ineffective and often times unwilling to stop him. So yet again it came down to nobler souls, to souls with more conscience and empathy, to raise their voices louder, to make it known that certain perspectives, perspectives of such toxicity as this, neither deserve nor command respect.

I don’t care what anybody else says about the work you all put in last night. As far as I’m concerned, it was the Good Fight.

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This entry was posted on March 12, 2016 by in Action Items, Chicago, Politics.
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