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If a gang of off-kilter psychopaths had burst into government buildings with lists of unreasonable demands and no desire to negotiate, and had then started executing hostages one by one, we’d be paying attention every minute of the crisis and a team of professionals would be moving into position to end the situation by any means necessary. And it would end up a tentpole Michael Bay movie within three years.

But this is just a governor and a mayor and a bunch of legislators, and this is just a state budget, and these are just teachers being fired and schools being closed and a generation of students having their futures eviscerated because a cabal of multimillionaires wanted to see if they could crack through some meaningless, indeterminate wealth ceiling by wrapping their oily, ink-stained, duck-fat fingers around the throat of social obligation.

Nobody pitches summer blockbusters about that.

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This entry was posted on May 19, 2016 by in Education, Politics.
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