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A city builds a two-lane bridge across a wide river. However, the traffic patterns in that area indicate that a four-lane bridge would have been more efficient, and furthermore, the concrete used for the road was poorly mixed, creating cracks and potholes.

The new mayor proclaims that something must be done about the bridge immediately. He deploys a team of soldiers and engineers to the bridge at the height of rush hour; they barricade both ends of the bridge and dynamite the supports. Hundreds of screaming men, women, and children fall into the river below, where they die of impact, drowning, or hypothermia.

bridge out.jpg

One of the engineers suggests that “Bridge Out” signs and other warnings be placed at either side of the chasm. The mayor considers this to be wasteful spending, rejects the suggestion, and has the engineer sacked. Instead, he has an intern grab a stock photo of the Golden Gate Bridge and slap the words “COMING SOON!!!” on it, then put it on the front page of the city website with no further context.

That’s what the ACA repeal is. That’s the Republican fantasy we’re being asked to indulge for the sake of peaceful transition.

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This entry was posted on January 7, 2017 by in Fiction, Health, Politics, Satire, Society.
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