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The answer to this morning’s tweetsplosion now appears to be that Breitbart concocted the story of Obama’s shady Nixonian wiretapping of Trump Tower telephones. And we must therefore view the last 24 hours as the right-wing media outlet flexing its muscle and influence over our easily manipulated paranoid-in-chief.

We have seen what happens when Breitbart tells Trump that he was the target of surveillance by his predecessor. So imagine what happens if and when they feed him headlines such as:

“MSNBC Executives Caught On Tape Describing Plot to Create Russian Interference Scandal”

“Hundreds of Mosques Throughout Nation Identified by FBI as Harboring Terrorist Cells”

“Refugees From Banned Nations Responsible for 60% Increase In Violent Crimes, Study Reports”

“President Trump Was Target of North Korean Assassination Plot, Say CIA Sources”

“Iran Fueling Nuclear Missiles, Promises Strike Against Israel Within Days”

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This entry was posted on March 4, 2017 by in History, Politics.
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