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Why The Infinite Wrench?

I imagine the members of the ensemble have many of their own thoughts from the discussions they began in December, but these are mine, a combination of what I know for certain and what I choose to interpret.

“Infinite” because an evolution is not an ending, and this show isn’t going to be closing anytime soon.

“Wrench” because it’s a solid and versatile object, capable of fixing an array of machinery or being the murder weapon in a game of Clue. (For that matter, it’s also a solid and versatile word, being both verb and noun.) “Wrench” also references a line within the work of Mina Loy, one of the few women in the original Futurist artistic movement, who then left that movement behind when it became clear it was pivoting towards a terminus of misogyny and fascism.

Make of all that what you will, and then make your way to the theaters–in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco–to see what these geniuses, poets, and clowns have created.

Viva Neo-Futurists.

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