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I am deeply disappointed in any media outlet that portrays the NRA statement on gun restrictions as indicating even a minute level of concession. Saying that they are open to their allies in a GOP-controlled Congress reviewing the legality of a niche market item, and maybe considering additional regulations on same, is a cruel and cynical farce–especially when their shrieking, dead-eyed spokesdemons have spent the week claiming that additional regulations will be useless; and when the rest of the statement reaffirms that their sole mission is to ensure anybody anywhere at any time for any reason may be able to easily purchase and use any type of firearm ever devised.

But the next time an idea with real potential is put forth, the NRA will claim that their concession on bump stocks should have earned them enough capital to silence it.

They have conceded nothing. They are not negotiating in good faith. They are promising that their policy of aggression will end after we agree they may annex parts of Czechoslovakia, and yes I know the weight of the comparison I am making and no I will not apologize for it.

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This entry was posted on October 6, 2017 by in Politics, Society.
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