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The 90th Academy Awards ceremony will be televised next March 4th. Whoever the host is, you should watch the opening monologue.

Watch to see if they say anything at all about this Weinstein business. Watch to see if the producers have even the slightest ounces of both courage and shame to allow for a moment of somber reflection to kick off their biggest party of the year. Watch to see if the host cracks a joke about it, and if they do, turn off the telecast.

Turn it off.
Rip up the ballots and the bingo cards.
Give everybody back the money they put into the pool.
If you’re at a watch party and your host keeps it on, then leave.
If it’s your watch party, watch something else.

Watch a film or television show made by one of the actresses who Weinstein victimized, many of whom could have had successful careers without being made to suffer the advances of an entitled sociopath, or whose careers should have been more successful except for the spite of that same powerful predator.

Watch a film or television show written, directed, or produced by any of the rising women in the industry. Mark your calendars for premiere dates of their next projects and spend your money on opening weekend.

Or don’t watch anything at all. Sit in a room with your friends eating the clever film-based snacks you made and enjoy what you have in common with one another. Set all your phones to airplane mode and don’t check the E! News push notifications.

A joke about Harvey Weinstein, delivered during the opening monologue, goes through several people before it is spoken aloud. There is at least one writer, at least one producer, at least one performer who read the joke and didn’t reject it. A joke during the opening monologue is to shrug one’s shoulders and say “Well, that’s showbiz.”

Turn it off, because there is no reason that this has ever had to be showbiz.

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