Creative Control

Miscellaneous Mental Musings of an Emerging Artist

“Life / Goals.”


Bedtime Theatre Presents:
(a short play featuring Robin Dardai and his father, Bilal)

8:30pm. Robin, a six year-old boy, is in bed reading an encyclopedia of soccer history under a desk lamp. A Mozart composition plays softly from a small stereo in the room. Bilal enters.

BILAL: Okay, buddy. Lights out.

Robin closes his book. Bilal turns out the light and lies down next to Robin.

BILAL: What were you reading about tonight?

ROBIN: The history of the World Cup.

BILAL: Nice. When was the first World Cup?

ROBIN: 1930.

BILAL: So it’s almost 90 years since the first one. And 2030 will be the 100th anniversary. That’s 12 years from now.

ROBIN: I’ll be 18 years old.

BILAL: That’s right. How old will I be?

ROBIN: …53.

BILAL: Yes. So, hopefully we’ll get to see the 100th anniversary together.


ROBIN: Daddy?

BILAL: Yeah, kiddo?

ROBIN: I want you to be around forever.

BILAL: What do you mean?

ROBIN: I want you to be around for as long as I live.

BILAL: Oh, buddy. You know that’s probably not going to happen, right?

ROBIN: I know.

BILAL: But I’ll try, okay? Your mom and I will try to stay around with you for as long as possible.

ROBIN: Okay.

A long pause. Robin drifts off to sleep. Bilal sneaks out of the bedroom and resolves to stay alive and lucid until at least the end of 2030.

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