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Threat levels.


The article from the Navy Times I’ve linked below is a harrowing writeup, and as such here’s a content warning on it for the depth of the toxicity to be found in its quoted violent hate speech, which includes some unmasked racial slurs. Read at your own precaution.

Prosecutors: Coast Guard officer plotted to ‘murder innocent civilians’ 

Over the course of two years this proud white supremacist — who claims to have identified as such for three DECADES — was obsessing over his opportunities to perpetrate assassinations and general mayhem, specifically in the direction of American individuals and groups who have been referred to by federal officials and conservative media as enemy targets. He is alleged to have pondered the possibility of causing an apocalyptic bioweapon outbreak, studied the manifesto of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik, and written letters to the heads of neo-Nazi organizations expressing an ambition to create a white nationalist “homeland” in the Pacific Northwest.

If you apply for a visa to begin the immigration process in this country, experts caution you to be extremely circumspect in your internet behavior. Set profiles at restrictive settings, avoid seeming flirtatious with anybody who isn’t your citizen fiancee, refrain from profane language or any jokes that might be construed as anti-American. There’s an infamous case of two British tourists who were detained for 12 hours and then denied entry in 2012 because they used the phrase “destroy America” in a post about how much drinking and partying they were planning to do.

If you are a refugee applying for asylum you go through a fine-tooth vetting process that can last up to two years, while the government makes absolutely sure that the single suitcase half-full of all the clothing you have left and the traumatized toddler clinging to your forearm aren’t part of some nefarious plot to overthrow democracy.

If you are a native-born white male seething in a basement in Maryland, it seems that nothing about your festering, homicidal temperament will set off any alarms worth hearing; will not be enough to stop you from legally stockpiling over a dozen firearms and a thousand bullets or rising through the ranks of the nation’s Armed Forces.

And our president pretends that we have the sort of national emergency that a single, multibillion-dollar border wall can fix. He pretends this because he himself is a symptom of the national emergency he refuses to address.

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