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Wild pitches.


I know how excited you must be about the new Disney+ series and films announced yesterday but you may not have heard about the work that hasn’t made it to the big stage. (Yet!)

YOU AND ME BOTHAN (series, sitcom)
Arrak Dorn (Matthew Lewis) may not like the Empire, but nobody cares what an apprentice droid repairman thinks … except for his enigmatic Bothan neighbor (Sarah Shahi), who never seems to sleep. In this sideways sequel to Rogue One, expect both hijinks and sudden violent mayhem as we discover how — and how many — Bothans died to bring the Rebels the plans to the second Death Star.

Disgruntled Marvel writer Fred Hembeck (Chris Elliott) sits across the desk from a series of guest stars and one-off characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to learn their hopes and dreams and ask why none of his own ever seemed to materialize.

THE ENTITLEMENT (series, reality television)
Anthony Mackie hosts an edgy twist on “captive contestant” shows like BIG BROTHER and SURVIVOR that gives eight randomly chosen white dudes the opportunity to design the man-caves of their dreams in a large provincial estate. But what happens when the hourly news report tells them another of their favorite Disney characters has been rebooted as a woman, LGBT individual, or person of color? (We think you know! Watch anyway!)

Sleepwalker_(Marvel_comics)SLEEPWALKER (series, audio drama)
Presented exclusively on the Disney+ app for mobile devices. Marvel’s second-tier superhero Sleepwalker (Keith David) will send you gently to sleep with 20 minutes of guided meditation and then haunt your subconscious for the next 40 with both tales of the macabre and subliminal advertising.

STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL 2019 (special presentation)
That’s right, it’s Life Day again, but this time we promise you’re going to enjoy it. With Daisy Ridley, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega, Anthony Daniels, and Warwick Davis, all of whom should have read their contracts more closely.

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