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Do Weber Grills Dream of Electric Lambchops?


With one exception, I have now spent three months on a mostly vegetarian diet, with brief forays into pescatarianism.

(I had some pad si-ew with beef in it during the lunch break for Saturday’s Neo-Futurist ensemble auditions. The food was paid for by the company and it would have been a bad idea to try and continue through the afternoon’s crop of auditions without eating something substantial. I’m not so well-off as to refuse free meals based entirely on my shaky, touchy-feely principles of animal consumption, so I ate it.)

I don’t actually miss the meat. It’s helpful that soy and vegetable processing technologies have advanced far enough that I really like the taste of veggie burgers and soy dogs.

I also decided, along the same line of thinking, that I’m in favor of continuing scientific experiments into cloning and that I hold out hope that we will one day manage to create cloned organic matter that is verified to be as safe for human use as anything grown naturally. It is my hope that one day culinary and genetic scientists will join forces to clone a succulent lamb chop that was never at any time attached to an actual lamb–meat that nothing died to create since nothing had been alive in the first place. And the horrific factory farms are replaced by meat cloning facilities, the animals set free to survive or die in as much remains of the natural order.

I don’t miss the meat, again, but I like having options.

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This entry was posted on June 3, 2008 by in Health, Neo-Futurists, Science, Society.
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