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Ain’t nothin’ but a…

We were all mistaken, it seems.

When we adopted Cassie, the tag above her cage at the Anti-Cruelty Society had her listed as a one year-old Pointer mix. We accepted that she was part Pointer, although after several months of dealing with a very rambunctious puppy with paws too large for her frame, we completely rejected Anti-Cruelty’s contention that she was any older than six months old when we got her.


Over time, we made the slightly educated guess that the part of her which wasn’t Pointer was in fact Beagle. People would ask, “What is she?” and we would truthfully respond, “We’re not sure…Pointer / Beagle mix, we think.”

And then yesterday, as Dana walked Cassie back home from an evening run, she met a mysterious stranger who told her that Cassie was most likely 100% Coonhound.

So we looked up the Coonhound and discovered the following section about their typical temperament:

Like all coonhounds, English are generally good natured and very sociable dogs…They are strong willed, if not stubborn, and require more patience in training than other breeds. Young dogs are usually extremely active and playful and desirous of human attention in addition to requiring plenty of exercise. English Coonhounds are incessant nesters and should be avoided by people who do not wish to have dogs on couches and beds. They make excellent family pets as they have been bred for hunting purposes to coexist amiably within a pack. English Coonhounds also make adequate watch dogs as they possess extremely loud hound mouths characterized by melodious, drawn out bawls and short, explosive chops.

Which is so much a description of Cassie as to be definitive.

So…she’s a coonhound. We were all wrong up until now.

And with that long-standing mystery solved, we can now return to the questions of who really murdered Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, or what happened to those massive stockpiles of Iraqi WMD’s.

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