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What is it, girl?

oracle-faceFor as-yet undetermined reasons, Oracle has recently become scared of our kitchen, a room she previously passed through with no trepidation at all.

She will stand in the doorway and wag her tail happily as we ask her to come join us in the kitchen but she can barely bring herself to cross the threshold. As she gets food and water in the kitchen, I’ve been moving the water dish closer to the doorway to make sure she doesn’t dehydrate during these hotter days due to whatever nameless fear is keeping her out of the kitchen.

I did manage to coax her halfway into the kitchen earlier this evening by slowly moving her dish into the kitchen as she ate. Oracle is incredibly food-oriented, to the point that she will often dominate Cassie by going after Cassie’s food in the midst of mealtimes. Oracle got halfway into the kitchen, looking every which way for danger, and finished three-quarters of her dinner before she quickly and deliberately backed out into the hallway.

At which point, Cassie, who seems to have realized that she’s discovered Oracle’s spontaneous kryptonite, trotted up to Oracle’s food bowl and began to chow down.

Oracle’s been a little sick for the past few days, gastro- wise. This is not incredibly surprising, as we just discovered Cassie has a case of whipworm (for which she’s on medication now), and it stood to reason that Oracle might catch it as well. We’re hoping to get Oracle examined soon just to make sure it’s nothing more serious.

I have not, thus far, been able to find a common dog malady for which one of the symptoms is kitchen paranoia.

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